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“Stargazer takes Burial at Sea to a whole new level.  Thank you for the unforgettable experience!” – Kristin (NJ)

Scattering Ashes at Sea


If you are visiting this page, you are most likely considering a memorial service for your loved one. Please allow us to extend our warm-hearted condolences for your loss. Many have heard of scattering of ashes (cremains) at sea; however, they are unsure on how to organize such a special event.  We are here to assist you!

We understand that losing a loved one is difficult, stressful and an overwhelming experience. We cannot remove the sadness of your loss; however, we can remove the extra stress involved in laying your loved one to rest. That is why we have made it our mission to guide families through this painful and often confusing process. We are here to assist you in every way. Our goal is to guide families in creating a unique and memorable event while providing an exceptional service.

The scattering of a loved one’s cremains provides a timeless tradition that is honorable, meaningful, and comforting.  It provides an opportunity for creativity and to be able to customize a memorial service as unique as the life lived. It provides closure in which families can reflect on the achievements of one’s life while being connected with the tranquility and peacefulness of nature’s imposing wonders at sea. Water symbolizes a natural flow of life, back to nature, freedom and cleansing of the soul. The sea plays an important role in providing an appropriate farewell to someone you love.

Religious and cultural tradition, personalization, simplicity, cost, time, and honoring your loved ones wishes are among many reasons families choose scattering of ashes at sea. However, only you can decide if this is the right decision for your loved one.

Stargazer offers a dignified, caring, affordable and professional means of burial to those who wish to have the cremains of their loved ones scattered in Southeastern North Carolina, including Wrightsville Beach, Southport, and Oak Island and out the mouth of the Cape Fear River to the Atlantic Ocean.

We understand the needs of our clients and we will work closely with you to make sure that our services will turn out to be a fitting memorable occasion. It is truly an honor to walk alongside you during this journey to a loved one’s final resting place. We take great pride in delivering a truly special burial at sea ceremony that will be remembered for a lifetime. The Scattering of Ashes at Sea is designed to be a positive experience providing peace of mind for everyone involved.

We do not outsource our scattering services.  All scattering of cremains is performed personally by myself and my first mate to ensure that your loved one’s wishes are respectively, ethically, and legally accomplished. Your charter services will be as individualized as your loved one.

We offer year-round cost effective attended or unattended traditional farewell scattering memorial services, serving all faiths with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Please carefully review our website. It will explain all the details and procedures required to make this experience a memorable one.  The questions and answers sections are extremely detailed and very helpful.

When you are ready for your final placement of your loved one simply contact us anytime.  You will have our undivided attention the moment you give us a call and you will be given all the information needed to tailor a comforting and peaceful memorial service. It will be an honor to be able to serve you, your family and friends in this special journey to your loved one’s final resting place and together making this closure a comforting experience that will hold tender memories.